The Ins and Outs of Labeling Storage Boxes and Moving Boxes

September 23, 2022

Labels are an important part of the moving process, but there’s so much to know about them.

✔How should you label your storage boxes and moving boxes?

✔Where should you put them? What do they look like?

Follow these tips to be sure you have effective labels that will help your items get where they need to go when it’s time to move.

Making a big move?

It can be stressful, even more so if you’re trying to decide what boxes go where. Whether it’s a cross-country move or just from room to room, proper labeling is key in saving you time and energy during your move. Keep moving day simple by following these instructions on how to label storage boxes and moving boxes. Label each box with the contents inside using either paint pens or permanent markers.

Use multiple labels per box: one on the front of the box and one on the back. Write directly onto the boxes themselves with chalk, which will wipe off easily without damaging any surfaces, should there be any accidents! When packing items such as dishes that might have breakable surfaces, pack them individually into bubble wrap bags and seal them tightly before putting them into their labeled box.

📍 Use special labels for glass or fragile items 🏷

It may seem like common sense, but you’d be surprised how many people move without giving a second thought to their glass items. Even plastic glasses can get damaged in transit; special plastic sleeves can help protect these types of items. Additionally, there are also ways to label storage boxes and moving boxes with fragile or glass written on them so that movers know to handle them with care.

📍Put numbers inside your boxes 🔢

Put a number somewhere on each box that corresponds to the room or specific space in your new home where you’ll be placing your items. This will help you keep track of which boxes need to go into what rooms, thus speeding up your unpacking process. Also, it will make it easier for friends and family members who are helping you move, as they won’t have to ask for instructions every time they see an unfamiliar box. 

It is very important that all your labels are clear so others can read them easily. Use a permanent marker so they don't smudge or rub off from any moisture.

📍 Don’t forget the info sheet!📑

It’s a good idea to include an information sheet inside your moving boxes that tells movers what’s in each box. This will help ensure your belongings are protected, organized, and transported safely. The last thing you want is for something important to get lost or broken during the move!

📍Make sure you have extra labels for mistakes📑✍

It’s a good idea to have extra labels on hand. Inevitably, you will have to take everything out of a box to reposition or re-label it. Rather than scribbling on an existing label with a magic marker, having an extra set is helpful so that you can keep your existing labels in good condition. Label moving boxes well: When labeling boxes for your move, use waterproof or permanent markers—nonpermanent ink can smear when wet.

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