Living Sustainably: Tips and Tricks for Going Green

October 21, 2022

Sustainable living has been gaining traction with more and more people these days, leading to an increase in eco-friendly products and services. However, it can be tricky to navigate this growing movement when you’re new to the world of green living. That’s why we’ve put together this list of tips and tricks that will help you figure out which sustainable living ideas are right for you—and which aren’t.

Water Efficiency in Every Way

When it comes to going green, a few simple adjustments to your daily routine can have a big impact. For example, making small changes around your home that reduce water consumption can help you get on track to meeting California’s 50% water reduction goal—and go even further with bigger efforts. If you have low-flow showerheads or faucets, consider upgrading them to more efficient versions so that you’re using less water every time you take a shower or wash dishes.

Eat Mindfully and Healthily

Consider what you’re putting into your body. A healthy diet can actually make a big difference in lowering your carbon footprint—and it could also save you money. Plant-based meals are cheap, nourishing, and easy to prepare; they tend to use less natural resources than diets that are heavy in meat. So if going green is on your list of goals, you might want to think about trying a plant-based diet (at least occasionally!).

Utilize Electricity Efficiently

Instead of turning on all your lights and electronics at once, plug in one appliance, then move to another when you need to use it. You can also install an on/off timer on multiple appliances. For example, if you have a television or computer with a digital clock that stays on while not in use, setting it up so that these things turn off automatically when they’re idle will conserve electricity.

Pick Eco-Friendly Household Items

There are lots of ways to make your household items more eco-friendly. For example, you can purchase nontoxic cleaners, buy rechargeable batteries instead of disposable ones, or get rid of paper towels altogether in favor of using rags that you wash after each use. And don’t forget about reusable shopping bags; once you’ve purchased your first set, that’s it! You won’t have to buy another bag ever again.

Know Where To Get Eco-Friendly Goods

Seek out eco-friendly products to reduce your carbon footprint. Buy goods locally when possible, use biodegradable goods in your household, and check manufacturers to see if they’re using recyclable or biodegradable materials. You can also find information on some of today’s most popular environmentally friendly products online. Here are a few resources to get you started

Consider Renewable Energy Sources

If you’re trying to reduce your carbon footprint, one of your best bets is renewable energy. There are a number of ways to put energy back into Mother Nature’s hands rather than into fossil fuels, including installing solar panels or a wind turbine. If you’re considering going green, start with these renewable energy sources.

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