Benefits of Using Reusable Storage Bins and Ways to Save Money when Moving

February 21, 2019

Everyone knows that you should save money by moving yourself, but few people take that advice. Why? Because it seems like quite a lot of work to pack everything up and move. That’s how most people see the process. But what they don’t realize is that using reusable storage bins can help them cut their costs significantly. How? Let’s have a look at the benefits of using reusable moving boxes and ways to save money while moving.

♻Why use reusable storage bins?

Reusable crates are more environmentally friendly because they’re reusable, plastic moving boxes will create less waste than buying cardboard boxes.

✔ You can keep your valuables safe from the elements with them because they're stronger than cardboard boxes.

✔ Save you some time and energy by requiring no assembly, tape, or reinforce , these might be a better option if you’re looking to cut time during the packing and unpacking process.

💰How to save money when you’re moving?

  • Ensure that you pick up exactly what you need the first time so that you’re not left with the task of either having to lug all your unused packaging products.
  • Save money on packing supplies by renting reusable storage bins instead of buying cardboard boxes that will simply end up in recycling bin.
  • Get creative with what you already have. Suitcases and duffle bags.
  • Make sure you pack clothes, bedding, and even dishes in your suitcases so that you can transport them easily. The wheels on suitcases make them ideal for moving heavy items easily. Make your drawers packing containers by placing them back in your dresser and securing them with plastic wrap or by wrapping each drawer separately with plastic wrap.
  • Get rid of stuff. It’s always a good idea to declutter before moving day, especially so when you’re trying to save money on packing supplies Make a list of everything you own, including clothes, décor, kitchen supplies, food, and books, and sort those things that no longer serve you into three piles: donate, recycle, and throw out. 

Finding cheap moving supplies doesn't have to be difficult-you just have to know where to look. Save money on packing supplies by following the tips above and you’ll have more left over for what counts.

📦📦 How do I rent reusable moving boxes in New Jersey?

Renting moving boxes with Ecobins is super simple. You can order online (view moving box packages) or over the phone at 855-499-0095.

We offer four different moving packages to best fit your needs, and if you ever need additional boxes just let us know and we'll bring them out!

Step one: Choose your package.

Step two: Add any additional supplies you may want.

Step three: Enter your delivery and pick-up addresses.

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